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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy besday my babybird ladybird Fatihah

happy besday dear Nur Fatihah Amni...

26/12/2005 - 2.26 a.m- HUKM.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my dear! yes, time goes very fast and my dearest Fatihah is now 4! acctually if count by month fatihah is 4 years, but if count by year she is 5 years old that because i'm gift birth very end of year, so when shes in class/school nanti u will alwayz unmatured..tak pe la sayang, i know ur very strong.. Since my brother from Kedah are here, so we celebrate it together with my whole family It was simple but quite ok la kot most important is Fatihah are very happy and excited wait for that moment... 4 this year, Fatihah got a 'Baby alive' doll from my hubby and me that we bought at KLCC (Toy'r us)..Fatihah so happy and asik dok membelek jek si Yuyu tu (That doll name)..

Acctually 4 years ok..saya tersalah ckp dkt org yg tulis tu 5 pulak..
hishhh mcmne la mak nye nih..tahun anak pon leh tersilap..hehe

Abah nyalakan lilin

That my princess

mmmm, i like cake so much..

This my 'baby alive' name YUYU

Ni pulak kek untuk Fatihah dan nursery nya..

suka kwn2 tihah bila tgk aku dtg bwk kek..menjerit2 ckp 'hepy besday tihah'
And cuba teka mana satu Fatihah..???


  1. patut la kau tgk apsal kt kek tu 5th...rupa2 nya mak nye yg silap kira...apa la mak tihah nie..baru 2 anak pun dh lupa umur anak...ekekeke

  2. 2 la.. stu kek 5 tahun yg kek ijau tu 4 thun lak..nyanyuk..


pendapat kwn2 amcm..???