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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ilham with new hair cut..

Afternoon before raya we wanna brought ilham also with his abah to new hair cut..maklumlah, nak raya kan..we going to 'mamak barber' at JB town...'abah syg' and Ilham dok sblh2, saje supaya Ilham tak nangis..At 1st, everything ok, but after 2 minute, u can see how suffer he is..With Ilham it is really difficult. ...'emakkkk, emakkk, tolong', he cry, cry and cry..This cut session is like a battle..nasib baik la mamak tu chill jek..'abah syg' dkt sebelah senyum jek.. tringat2 balik, klaka +cute gmbr2 ilham nih..and 'mamak' u should pay me coz promote u face in this blog ok...

'Abah syg' with full of relaxnyerr..

siap la kau budak...aku ganyang kau cukup2..'said mamak'

emak, tolonggg,,tolongggg..apa yg dia dah lakukan kat adik..'said Ilham'

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