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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

happy besday dear ilham...

06/10/2009- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my dear! yes, time goes very fast and my dearest Ilham is now 2! Since nini want 2 do a open house 4 raya + celebrate her son Irfan (Ilham cousin) besday also in oktober, so we decided to celebrate his birthday together with irfan. We celebrate it in advance, last Friday on the 2nd. It was simple but as usual his 'kakak' si fatihah (alwayz the sibuk one..hehe) was excited waiting for that moment since i buy a cake at 'a bakers cottage'… She alwayz like that, excited about everything in her life and ilham pulak relax jek... 4 this year, Ilham got a 'lorry-truck' from mak ngan abah nye, ilham so happy and siap menunggang truck tu lagi..eventhough i juz buy it at nilai3 murah gilerrr beb...jadi larrr..better than nothing kan..???kan..??

happy besday Mohamad ilham Zafran-06/10/2007-HUKM-4.43a.m-4.2kg
'Abah syg' tgh bertungkus-lumus mengawal keadaan
Akim ngan Tihah yang over excited than besday boy.. Yellow car with ultraman gift from dadima
Lorry-Truck from his parent
happy with a present

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