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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fuhh..Finally we dicided...

At last me & hubby finally decided to send our lovely to Sri Ayu nursery... starting on Okt 2009 so puas gak i cari2 through internet and pi survey2 nursery masa bulan sept 09 tuhh.. puas gak lah pi theirs nursery to ask and find out all in details kan from the price $$$, place, programme, teachers, activities, facilities and etc....
we just go around our area in Taman melati... the from one school to one school , with full of reason, we just rejected other school it coz they have to many students to handle, less activities, small enviroment, less teachers,expensive larr, macam-macam larr..finally, this is now tihah and ilham..

harap2 diaorg tak nagis lahhh and both well enjoy the programme..... i hope they like it and they will take gud care of our doter tooo..... to me pulak cam susah & berat hati je nak hantar dia kan mcm mana pun soon or later one day we still to sent her tooo and now i must trust people tok jaga kan my doter... hope everythings goes well aminnn....

to all my friends out there kalau ada tips and exprinces to be share with me cam ner kan... u know what i means!!! and to jaja, thanks a lot coz being my adviser sampai lenguh kaki2 even ur are fasting when i buy new nursery thing at midvalley..
Ilham nangis2 tak nak melepaskan 'dadima' nyerr..

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