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Monday, October 5, 2009

everything blog, new house new nursery and new ramadhan..

29 ogos, finally we move into new place, its juz a poor DBKL apartment, but i wish to change my 'flat' going to 'kondo' , leh tak..hehe..(my buzybody neibour separtition 2 sayz 'i kuat berangan', sibuk jek dia tu, jeles larr tu ngan lampu obor gue tu kan,..??kan..??)..

After 1 week, finally see my house as a complete piece, however i still don't have sofa and dining table, tapi ok la kot as a new long as comfortable 4 my babies its quite ok larr for me...

malu gak nak publish, whatever that u wanna 2 says, dunnot shock if one day my wish 'flat-kondo' came true aaaa....
this their new hobby, rolling in my bamboo curtain..abisss la rosak lelama...

Kusyuk tgk 'Dibo and the gift dragon'..their fav. cartoon..

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